Hi! I’m Nik Aliye (pronounced nik ah-lee-yay) and I’m a producer, director, designer, artist and nice person.

I possess an ever-expanding wide variety of skills and can contribute valuably to any production. I’m quick, too.

I was previously the showrunner and Senior Creative Producer of the Shorty Awards, and was responsible for the nomination of over 500 creators across 45 categories. We would scour the internet for half of the year, and produce an award show for the second half. It was wonderful and I've met a lot of famous dogs. I also took care of all of the design and brand identity, designing many many many many different things from web, to print, to random branded objects. 

Following the Shorty Awards, I joined Target as the creative lead on the Influence Marketing and Talent Partnerships team. There I produced a wide range of innovative social content including the first two seasons of the acclaimed Let's Target YouTube series. Let’s Target pairs digital creators with traditional celebrities and debuted with 22 million views. I brokered multiple partnerships across several verticals spanning content, product lines, appearances and advisory positions and served as the main point of contact for talent and talent representatives. It was soooo fun and everyone that works at Target is so smart and nice. You also get a discount. The only reason I left was because Karyn Spencer poached me.

At Whalar, I worked alongside our CMO to launch The Crib Around the Corner, the first all-Black creator house in Los Angeles. We partnered closely with AT&T/DIRECTV to launch the careers of five young creators. We also produced a four part series for Cannes Lions about the current and future state of the creator economy that premiered in 2020.

At the end of 2021, I went freelance to pursue producing full time and to work on this decade of burnout I’ve accumulated. I’m open to many opportunities and collaborations but my heart really lies with bringing people happiness. Whether I do that through movies, tv, content, painting or letting them cut me in line at Whole Foods, I’m excited to get to work. Email me!