It’s pronounced AH-LEE-YAY 😇

I’m a New York City based human being. Currently I’m a part of the Talent Partnerships & Influence Marketing department at Target. We work with incredible celebrities and creators to help all families discover joy in everyday life. It is very exciting and yes, I would love to talk about the last thing you bought at Target. For real, tell me - all my contact info + social is in the footer.}

Before Targét, I was the showrunner on the Shorty Awards, the world’s largest award show for brands and creators on social. At the Shortys I was responsible each year for nominating the most impactful, creative and dynamic creators on the internet. We honored over 500 people a year. I led the entirety of the influencer competition while directing and producing all creative as well as the show itself. One year, 9 million people joined us by livestreaming the show on Twitter. It was incredible and as a result I am fluent in even the weirdest and most niche corners of the internet and really, really fast at designing things on Photoshop. My last year we reallocated our animation budget so I made the animations over a weekend. I am grateful to have learned so much and worked with such incredible people over those 4+ years.

On top of my *day jobs* I’ve produced a variety of theater in New York. I went to college for acting and came out a director. I also taught myself graphic design at 14 because I was on a Harry Potter messaging board and everyone had really sick graphic post signatures and I needed one too. Since then, its become part of my bread and butter. I made this website too. Have you found the treasures yet?