I didn’t think I’d become a producer but I was wrong.

I have been working in the creator/influencer space since 2015. I work to make sure creators get to make what they want to make. I help brands make ads that aren’t just ads, but what I really want to make is rom-coms.

Here’s a “professional” bio my mentor wrote for me (because tbh we have all been trained to not hype ourselves up):

Nik Aliye, Global Director of Whalar, a best-in-class influencer company, is a multi-faceted executive with a deep expertise in digital creators. She was previously the showrunner and Senior Creative Producer of the Shorty Awards, and was responsible for the nomination of over 500 creators across 45 categories. Following the Shorty Awards, she joined Target as the creative lead on the Influence Marketing and Talent Partnerships team. At Target, she produced a wide range of innovative social content including two seasons of the acclaimed "Let's Target" YouTube series that paired digital creators with traditional celebrities, and debuted with 22 million views. At Whalar, Nik leads creative ideation for top brands, and she produces events that create emotional, authentic connections, delighting fans and driving benchmark-breaking business results.

tldr/you scrolled fast: I make things with heart and humor and I’m good at making the “impossible” happen. I’m also great with Photoshop and know way too much about the internet.

All I really want to do is make rom-coms.

selected work︎

The 7th-11th Shorty Awards
Let’s Target