things I like and you might like too

(I update this periodically so please don’t freak out if it isn’t an up-to-the-second account of things I like)

accounts to follow

@adamjkthe thing flying across the screen on the homepage!! he made that!! thanks adam lets go to kikis soon!!

my friend greg! He makes the absolute best stories.

@tyler_spanglerI just love tyler’s art. It makes my brain and my eyes happy. elyse started @sadgirlsclub, a haven for those wanting to discuss mental health. I think she’s so talented and I appreciate how openly she shares her own sadness.

the name says it all

things to watch

I didn’t expect to like a show about Emily Dickinson so much??? How is it so fun and genius and interesting?

let’s target
a series I worked on where we paired digital talent with traditional talent to go for a spin around a Target. It.....was so fun.

dick I’m realllll late to the party on this one but I recently watched this for the first time and? it is so relevant? the uptalk felt appropriate here.

i feel bad on huluthis one is FUUUUNNNY. as the daughter of a first generation immigrant this show makes me belly laugh. I’m very sad it was cancelled.

david dobrik on youtube seriously, why hasn’t this guy gotten a tv series yet come on

things to read

catch and kill good GOD this was harrowing and intense and impossible to put down.

my twitter
honestly I just crave validation tysm

this story from the nyt magits devastatingly sad and haunting

less by andrew sean greer ok it won a pulitizer but also a spot on this page hehe it’s so great

valley of the dolls by jacqueline susann HAVE YOU READ THIS YOU SHOULD READ THIS