Well well well! You want to know what I’ve done in the THEEEE-ATE-HER?

When I was three years old my mom was trying to get me dressed for daycare and I was vetoing every outfit she put together. Finally out of exasperation, my angel of a mother said, “Nikki! You are just going to daycare, not to the Oscars!” and I retorted, “What are the Oscars and when can I go?” That was the moment she knew she had trouble on her hands.

I then proceeded to spend the majority of my adolescence acting and obsessing over television and movies (ok I’m still obsessing, clearly). Two years into a performance focused theatre degree at Virginia Tech (yes, there’s a theatre program and it’s HELLA good), I realized something wasn’t right. I was in the right medium - I love telling stories, I love experiencing someone else’s life. But I was on the wrong side of the table. I switched to directing and never looked back. For a detailed theater/film resume, please let me know but here are the highlights of the past couple years!

TLDR: I’ve known since I could talk that I needed to be entertaining people. My mother is a saint.

KK Glick and Alexis Demetra Pope as Katie and Gena

Elyse Steingold as Becky
Cocaine is a hell of a drug!!
Life comes @ u fast lol

In 2014, I was STRAIGHT UP BLESSED to be given the opportunity to direct the first syndicated production of Leslye Headland’s Bachelorette in New York City (ok, Brooklyn) following the premiere and film release. I asked her if we could do it and she said yes. BrooklynONE Productions and Anthony Marino gave us the opportunity and produced the show and I’ll be forever grateful for him for believing in some mouthy 22 year old who strolled in acting like she was the second coming of Mamet. Don’t you wish you could bottle your youthful confidence for later?

ANYWAYS the show was amazing and I got to do it with my very best friend, Alexis Demetra Pope. You can read more about it in the Hollywood Reporter

The cast of a Dream Play adapted by Matthew Minnicino
The ensemble of Artaud, Artaud
Peter Smith as Artaud, Melissa Mahoney as his foil
omg do u die: Michael Lorz and Tess Richie
in a Dream Play

I co-founded a small, independent theater company, Artilliers, in 2015. We produced four shows, all of which were weird little complex, dreamy dystopian plays. I learned a LOT and spent a lot of money and got to work with my best friend. Eventually life got in the way and we mutually decided to move on but it was a great experience. 

I’ve acted, directed, and produced. Theater has been an incredible way for me to cut my teeth on the most difficult parts of production. My first ever role was in 4th grade as Tax Protester 3 in my elementary school’s original production America Sings! You never forget your big break.