I didn’t think I’d become a painter but I was wrong. 

I paint to forget the Internet exists and to make my eyeballs happy. You can mostly see my work on Instagram.

Thank you for checking out the work! All of the paintings on this page are now available for your home or home office or office or restaurant or anywhere you want!

I will contact you after purchase with a shipping estimate, if you have any questions please don’t
hesitate to DM me

all hands on deck

11”x14” acrylic and gouache on paper

happy you’re happy, sad that i’m not

11”x14” acrylic, iridescent interference, gouache on bristol paper

self soothing

11”x14” acrylic, gouache, mixed media on bristol paper

thanks for being so nice, gorgeous

14”x17” acrylic and gouache on bristol paper

something blue for all my fav freaks

14”x17” acrylic, ink and gouache on bristol paper

i just really need to go to italy

16”x20” acrylic, gouache, metallic, mixed media on art board

moody tooty fruity

16”x20”, acrylic and gouache on art board

run on sentence

20”x24”, acrylic and gouache on art board